'Neal Marlens & Carol Black: The Lost People of Mountain Village' 

Sadie Halie Projects 2012

Installation View: Grayson Cox, Neal Marlens & Carol Black, Pete Watts

'Neal Marlens & Carol Black: Growing Pains' Sadie Halie Projects 2012

Installation View:  Tracy Thomason, Joshua Schwartz, Ashley Zangle

'Neal Marlens and Carol Black: The Wonder Years'  Sadie Halie Projects  2012

Installation View:  Charles Matson Lume, Willie Wayne Smith, Cheyenne Seeley

Darren Tesar: 'De Worlding' Sadie Halie Projects. 2011

Editable digital show catalog with an essay by Darren Tesar and a collaborative essay between Tesar and curators Patrick Gantert and Jennie Ekstrand.  Limited Edition of 25.

Timothy Hutchings: 'PlaGMaDA:  Selected Role Playing Game Maps 1979-2007'  

a clean poorly lighted space. 2009

Benjamin Bellas: 'As Yet Untitled...'  a clean poorly lighted space.  2009

Keith Varadi:  'You All Freed Men'  a clean poorly lighted space. 2009

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